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Primrose Upholstery specialise in saving and restoring your antique furniture.


I can give furniture a simple facelift or restore from the webbing and springs up; giving new life to an antique piece which can be enjoyed for another generation.


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If you have a piece of furniture you would like reupholstered, you can contact me through this page. Send me lots of photographs and as much information as you can, including the general condition of the piece and what you would like done. Prices can vary enormously depending on the needs of the job, for example a simple recover (replacement of the top fabric) will be relatively straightforward whereas a chair which needs new springs or webbing may need to be completely rebuilt. Occasionally it is difficult to determine the needs of the chair until you start taking it apart!


I endeavour to use materials in keeping with the age of the chair, for example a Victorian chair should be reupholstered using traditional methods; filled with horsehair and hand stitched to build its shape. A modern chair often suits foam and polyester padding. There are no rules however and we can discuss what you would prefer! Prices reflect the methods used – there is no reason why you cannot employ modern techniques on an old chair, if that is what you desire. Prices between traditional and modern upholstery vary massively due to the time and skill required to employ traditional methods.


"I Can Save Your Treasured  Piece of Furniture! "


For various reasons customers may wish to avoid some fillings, for example feathers, animal hair or wool. This means I can reupholster furniture to suit those with allergies or customers who are vegetarian or vegan. Just discuss your needs with me! Once we have agreed on a price together, and discussed any issues that may arise, you will be consulted throughout the re-upholstery process.


In order to pick out your top fabric, I can measure your furniture and let you know how much fabric you will need. I can recommend several fabric shops in the South Wales area, allowing you to pick your top cover yourself. Alternatively, I can assist in sourcing fabric, for a small fee.


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