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Here are some before and after shots of my completed work:



This well-worn armchair needed some TLC! I retained the good leather and replaced the bits that were looking shabby with a funky but complementary print, giving it a new lease of life.


Parker Knolls are sturdy, well made and worth saving. Replacing the dated floral with a bright check brought this chair into the 21st century. Now this chair is a statement focal piece and is, of course, unique.


This old chaise has survived many years and many reupholsters! It contained layers of old fabric, straw and dust.

It was stripped back, the wood scratches polished out, and recovered in a crisp cream brocade, restoring it to its former grandeur.


This little balloon back was stripped to the frame and rebuilt using traditional methods and materials. It was finished off with an unusual patchwork fabric, set off with blue braid. I won’t be parting with this one!


This old piano stool was a lucky find in a charity shop. I don’t usually like to paint wood, but with the right fabric the effect can be fantastic. This bright contemporary fabric is set off perfectly against the slate grey of the frame.


It was a treat to work on this chaise longue from the Regency period. Apart from the broken leg and slightly dated fabric, it was sound and just in need of a facelift. I repaired the leg and my client chose a sumptuous cream silk fabric which was finished off with double-piping and a matching bolster cushion.


This sad old chair was rescued from the tip! It was easy to make it cheerful again with cornflower blue satinwood and a delicate floral print, which complement each other nicely.


This old armchair was built in the sixties and is of incredibly good quality. It was of sentimental value to my client, having belonged to her grandmother. It was looking a bit warn but my client chose to save it and selected a perfect grey and jade check. She now has a unique piece of furniture that looks new but is much sturdier than most things you can buy today.


This little chair contained a note with the signature of its previous upholsterer form the 1980s! I updated it with a fresh apple blossom fabric and a lick of chalk paint.


This antique belonged to my client’s mother. She was happy to be rid of the old mustard fabric, and was delighted to have saved a chair that had been in her family for so long. The fleur-de-lis style print suits it perfectly.

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