Hello! My name is Genna and I run Primrose Upholstery!


I have always loved everything antique and vintage from clothes to houses and turned my interest some years ago to antique furniture. Whilst trying to create a distinctive look when setting up my first home I found that old unloved furniture was easy to find and added a unique element in a world of mass produced pieces. This old furniture sometimes lacked the colour and vibrancy that modern fabrics can offer so I began experimenting with colour and started reinventing the furniture I found.


After becoming fully hooked with my hobby I decided to take it further and train for a diploma at the Traditional Upholstery Workshop in Carmarthen under the expert tuition of Elizabeth Marks.


During my diploma, I learned how to rebuild furniture from the frame to the top fabric, incorporating the use of traditional methods that have been used for centuries. Combining these skills with my love for bright colours and patterns I now strive to save vintage pieces, repairing, rebuilding and redesigning so they will go on to be loved for another generation.


I’m particularly interested in chairs, footstools, ottomans and armchairs which provide a focal point, bringing a room together when covered with an exciting quirky fabric.


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